Thursday, June 5, 2008

This one's for Karl!

Hey Karl... this is for you (I know it's one of your favorite songs). Do you remember when Vince brought Phil to the Life Church Youth Group before anyone really knew who he was. Good times, good times. ;)

I found this video at Visual Trademark... my new Blogging buddy and fellow lawn mower! Thanks CJ.


CJ Mills said...

Hey bro - thanks for the link love! I've actually moved my blog to wordpress, which can be found here - I had to sign in using my old blogger password to leave an earlier comment.

I enjoy your blog and plan on following!

CJ Mills ::

Karl said...

Sheesh. Phil just makes me sick with the way he gets those incredible vocal sounds to come out of his mouth so effortlessly.

I've heard a lot of worship leaders say that his voice is too whiney, that he uses falsetto too much, etc. But those same people are usually the ones who say that in public, and then go home, put his cd on, and cry because they can't sound like that........
...........well, at least that's what I do.


eric beeman said...

Hey CJ... I noticed that there were two blogs with the same name, didn't realize they were both you.

I'm actually in the process of switching to wordpress too.

Karl, you should too! Go here and do it now! ;)

Now I will go back to crying because I can't sing like Phil either... :(

CJ Mills said...

If you can, I suggest hosting wordpress on your own server. That is what I'm doing over at

You can install all sorts of crazy plugins - like a mobile view as sen here -

Also - I provided an answer to your DVR question here -

CJ Mills ::

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