Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mowing Grass

What is it about mowing the grass that so inspires creativity? My wife and others have encouraged me to hire someone to mow our lawn for us but I refuse to do so. I love to mow the grass! It's a time to check out, listen to some good music and be somewhat creative. That's right, I said be creative while mowing the grass. Sometimes I'll make straight lines, sometimes they're diagonal. Sometimes I'll crisscross the lines and sometimes I even make them wavy!

But the real deal is that when I mow the lawn I hear from God. He whispers to me as I walk up and down our yard. He says, "Eric, why are you so worried about that issue?" or "Eric, you need to get your act together." Sometimes He even says, "Eric, I'm very proud of you." And sometimes I just feel His presence...

Now, if I could just remember what He said while I was mowing the grass today. I need to carry a notepad with me when I mow!

What about you? Do you mow your own grass?

Creative Chaos!


Visual Trademark said...

Great post. You and I would get along -

CJ Mills ::

Karl said...

Awesome post. I totally agree that God speaks to us in sometimes the places we would least expect to hear from Him.

Unfortunately, at my apartments, the landlords hire a service to mow. I'll have to go ask him what God is saying. :-)

Chris said...

Dude, I feel ya. I love to mow the lawn and especially put those lines in the grass; however, I'm not usually successful. I do enjoy listening to the music though.

eric beeman said...

CJ... you're my new best friend! loved your site.

Chris, it's good to have you back. Keep trying, you'll get the lines straight one of these days. Try picking a point on the fence and looking at it instead of the grass. It's like navigation... don't look at the water, look at your destination! ;)

Karl, just ask me... I'll let you know what God says. In fact... yes, what's that? You want Karl to give me his gear? Okay Lord, I'll tell him, but I don't think he's gonna like it.

Karl, God wants you to trade your new guitar for my tele... He also wants you to use a different blogging software. I can't even post on your crazy blog!

Karl said...


Yes, my blogging software is the worst in the word. Yep, worst in the world, it's been's science.

It's seriously frustrating. I've been trying to fix this word wrap problem there for like, two days now.

And since I can't post there right now, I'm quite obviously using your comments section as my creative outlet, proven by unearthly lengthy comments such as this one.

Stopping now. :-)

Oh, and about the guitar trade....go to and check out their Pro Artist T's. You will fall in love with their Tele's, and then you won't have to trade for my Strat. With this economy, you can get them on gearpage for fairly cheap, and I think you really might love it. If in fact, you actually are looking at buying new guitars. 'Cause I do think your Tele sounds very good.

eric beeman said...

Karl, you can use my blog as your creative outlet at any time. I love your wit... That was wit, right? You were just kidding about my Tele, right? Or were you serious? Hey, because if you were serious, I'll have you know that I've killed people for less... okay, so maybe not people, but bugs for sure... maybe even a rabbit at one point... definitely fish and frogs... I even shot a bird out of the sky one time...

So were you were kidding right... right?

Karl said...


I wasn't kidding at all!!

I was complimenting your Tele!!

You know how I feel about new production Fenders. hehe But your Tele always surprises me by how good it sounds. It's seriously a great sounding guitar.

I was merely suggesting a website of fine guitars with which to broaden your musical horizons.

*Insert winking smiley here*

Karl said...


Your Tele is a '93, right? Not exactly 'new production'.

It's important to get things right in the world of guitars. *Sigh* And of course, no one cares but us. :-)

Lynette said...

I'm pretty sure that God would be willing to talk to Karl on our lawn. We'll supply the lawn and the mower? ;)

eric beeman said...

Nice Lynette!

Yes Karl, my Tele is a '93 and I love playing it. I need to get some work done on it and my Gibson, but I forgot Ryan's #... do you still use him? If not who do you use. If so, can you send me his # again?


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