Monday, June 16, 2008

Dad's Rootbeer, Wayne Cordeiro & a Worship Confessional

Yesterday was Father's Day. Everyone on stage was a father... I'm not sure if that was good or not??? Every Father got a Dad's Rootbeer and something to chew on... I think it was beef jerky. Anyway, here was the team.

agtr/vox - me
bass/vox - Dan
egtr - Rob
drums - Robert

Setup was crazy! I thought it would go smooth because I had extra time to setup the essentials on Friday, but I guess I thought wrong. For some reason we're still getting that nasty buzz in the bass channel. I thought we fixed it last weekend, but apparently not. We spent a good 1/2hr. trying to figure that out. We eventually ended up just putting a mic in front of Dan's Bass Amp.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it has something to do with our direct boxes. I don't totally understand them so I'm thinking about ditching them and getting new ones. Anyone know anything about these? Behringer ULTRA

Yesterday also marked the 2nd week of the One Prayer Campaign. We watched Wayne Cordeiro deliver an amazing message. Pastor Dave and the rest of the staff were a little concerned about how everyone would react to watching a video for 35 minutes. I think we were all amazed when everyone applauded the message. That just goes to show how accustomed we are to watching T.V./Videos.

My favorite part of the message was when Wayne shared about a disgruntled staff member who came to him and said he was leaving the Church because he wasn't "getting fed". Over the last 6+ years as a Church Planter, I can't even count the times that I've heard those same words. Wayne related that comment to how ridiculous it would be if his 28 yr. old son came to him and said he was leaving the family because he wasn't getting fed. He then responded with "FEED YOURSELF!" While I'm sure Pastor Dave and I have thought the same thing time and again, I'm not sure if either of us would actually preach such a thing (maybe?). It was refreshing to not only hear it preached but to have it received by so many.

Anyway, here's what our set list looked like...

Awesome is the Lord (Tomlin)
I am free (Desperation)
-father's day video-
-welcome- (Bradley did an amazing job!)
-intro to One Prayer by Pastor Dave-
-video welcome from Craig Groeschel-
-intro to Wayne's video by Pastor Dave-
-"Make us wise" video by Wayne Cordeiro-
-closing by Pastor Dave-
Word of God speak (Mercy Me)
From the inside out (Hillsong)

I did "Word of God speak" by myself because Stephanie our keyboardist wasn't able to get back from her trip in time. I have to say, first service was pretty rough. I used to do this song in the key of B but since I've been trying to do everything in it's original key, I did it in A. It has been a long time since I've played that song and the lack of a solid sound check caused a few off notes. 2nd service went much better.

Also, I still struggle with "From the inside out" but we get positive comment after positive comment every week that we do that song. I love it, but I think it's still lacking some punch in the Bridge when we do it. What do you think?

To top off a great Father's Day, the school has asked us to pack up all of our gear (Children's Ministry and everything) for the next 2 weeks while they clean. The cool thing is that after that we can leave everything setup until school starts again. I have to say that I was very impressed with how many dads not only showed up for a Father's Day Service, but hung out to help tear down! We have the best fathers in the Valley!

Like so many other men at our Church I came home to an awesome BBQ with my family (including my 2 dads). My wife made Teriyaki Steak, Zesty Steak, Shrimp, Salmon, BBQ Veggies, Watermelon, Rice, French Bread & Strawberry Shortcake for lunch. I can still taste it! Guess what I'm having for lunch!

How about you, how was your week?


Chris Stout said...


Dad's root beer sounds excellent right now! We are up at Stephanie's parents in Washington. The whole family was here with the exception of one. Her little bro graduates from HS today too! It was a good weekend.

Karl said...

Inside Out is a hard one to pull off. You've gotta get musicians good enough not to overplay, but to play simple stuff with huge power and volume. It also has a tendency to speed up, and once it gets a few beats per minute over the recorded timing, it looses a ton of power. Just my experience with it. :-)

And those Behringer boxes...if you're using phantom power, a low output bass can cause the gain on the channel to have to be turned up too high, and then the phantom power will hum. And if you're using battery, an old battery will cause gain to have to be turned up too high as well. I'd sell 'em. :-)

Just my humble opinion. :-)

Great set list by the way! You guys rock.

eric beeman said...

Thanks Karl... Yeah, we totally speed that one up everytime, even with the click. We just push right through it.

Not a big fan of Behringer... ;)

and you rock!

Max Power said...

FtIO goes over HUGE with our congregation as well. Good advice on the tempo - it's way too easy to speed up. I also think that a lot of teams don't' understand the importance of dynamics on a song like that. If you give away too much too soon, instrumentally, it's a long and boring song. We use just keys (String pads), light acoustic rhythm and clean-ish electric guitar w/delay for almost the entire first half of the song. Make sure your drummers are listening to what the Hillsong United dude is NOT doing on the recording, so that they don't overplay the song. Also make sure that your bass player is being disciplined and and not trying to "groove" when he should just be playing single notes.

'Hope that helps and good on you for playing a song you're not "feeling" for the benefit of your congregation. That's what it's all about!

alex mclean said...

I'm so stoked that you guys are representing the One Prayer! I have to watch that message, sounds like a good one.

I do have some thoughts that will most likely turn into a post.
- Jesus told Peter, "Feed my Sheep"
- I've seen at least 20 families leave our church for that exact reason
- Does your/my church have an effective process for moving people from feeders to self-feeders?
- who's fault is it? the church's or the people's? Who's ultimately responsible? the leader or the follower?

eric beeman said...

Great Comment Alex. I agree... it is our responsibility as leaders to teach the sheep how to feed themselves. His comment was directed toward one of his staff members who should have known better (a leader). And then he went on to elaborate on how to feed yourself. That was one of the reasons we decided to show this video. Here's what he shared...

There are four things you need for your daily devotional times...


He then taught the S.O.A.P. plan for journaling...

Scripture (what does it say)
Observation (what does it mean)
Application (how does it apply to me)
Prayer (God help me apply this to my life)

It was a great message!

I'm looking forward to your post on this topic Alex!

Steph Boyd said...

Hey! Sorry I couldn't get home in time! I ended up sleeping in a little since I didn't get to bed until 2:30 that morning at least. Then I did all the laundry for Mom and Dad for the week and the rest of the family for the last 3 or 4 days since we did laundry on the trip! Six loads later, I was still taking care of all Mom's nursing care needs, got El Pollo for Jim, and took good care of Jim for the rest of the day to make-up for the lousy beginning! Monday morning is when we finally did our traditional Bill Cosby Father's Day breakfast of chocolate cake. All the kids sing, "Dad is great! He gives us the chocolate cake!!!" over and over again! If you don't know that Bill Cosby, download it for a buck on itunes. I think it's called "Chocolate Cake." It's my favorite Bill Cosby! Although I also like "Brain Damage" and "The Same Thing Happens Every Night." You'll like the last one... you know that the kids can never go to bed without their nightly beating!!!! lol

eric beeman said...

Hey Steph, you were definitely missed, but I totally understand. You've got your hands full! And I love that Cosby stand up routine. I saw that when I was in High School or something... oh no... did I just date myself??? Ahhh, who cares... It's a great routine!

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