Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Extreme Boy Video...

The Good Christian?

Recently there have been times when I get tired of the whole "Church" thing. I want to give it all up, sell everything and become a wandering street evangelist going wherever I feel called to go. Then I think of the people who look to me on a regular basis for spiritual guidance, not to mention my wife and kids. It's then that I realize that God's given me a huge responsibility to guide these people into a meaningful relationship with Him.

I have to say though, I’m getting a little tired of being a “Good Pastor”. Do you know what I'm talking about? I mean, there are times when I dream of being that crazy guy that is radical about his faith. You know what I'm talking about, right? You know that guy that stands on the street corner holding his "Jesus" sign singing praise songs at the top of his lungs.

I mean if Jesus really did what the New Testament says He did; if He really gave His very life so that I might have a place in His kingdom, then shouldn’t our response to that be a little more than a well-rehearsed Sunday morning performance? I know that it's more than that, but that's what it feels like sometimes. I mean shouldn’t we be more concerned about pleasing Him than pleasing them? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about spreading this incredible news than hitting that high C? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about living for Him than we are about putting on a good show for all of the looky-lus that may, or may not show up each Sunday morning?

I keep coming back to a message that I heard in Alabama a few months ago. The whole point of Pastor Chris’s Hodges message was this…

Jesus never called anyone to mediocre faith. In fact, every time He called someone out it was an extreme calling. “leave everything and come follow me!” The times we’re living in call for no less. God’s looking for extreme commitments from His followers’… extreme purpose, extreme purity, extreme passion, extreme prayer.

What a powerful statement! I’m tired of being a “Good Christian”! I'm tired of the pats on the back and the "at-a-boys". They make me want to puke! Where are the "that's a little over the top" and "I don't know if I'd go that far Eric" statements. I want to be the “Extreme Christian”. I want to be that guy that people look at funny…

Most of the time I feel like I’m living anything but an extreme life for Him.

What about you???

Here are some old videos of a fictional character named "Extreme Boy" that our old Youth Pastor put together. They have nothing to do with what I'm talking about... ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Worship Confessional... nov. 25

I taught today... Stephanie led worship...

She rocked... I didn't...

Blessed be Your name
Holy is the Lord
-awesome, heartbreaking cancer survivor video-
-message on Acts 12-
Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)
Empty me

'nough said...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tae Kwon Do or Youth Group?

I had lunch with one of the leaders from our Youth Group today. He's a freshman in high-school and an incredible drummer. He loves hip-hop, he's a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and just an all around good guy.

Here's my dilema... when I hear him talk about Tae Kwon Do, I get jealous. He talks about how he is who he is today because of what he's learned in his Tae Kwon Do studio. He knows the tenants by heart. He knows more about honor, respect and discipline than any other kid that I know and he learned it all from his Tae Kwon Do instructors.

When I ask him about our Youth Group and what our tenants are, he's pretty much clueless.

That sucks!

Why don't kids talk about Christ with the passion and respect that they have for their Tae Kwon Do studios or their baseball or football teams? There's a lot to be learned from organizations like these! What are they doing that we're not?

Monday, November 19, 2007

The joys of parenting...

Ahh, the joys of parenting. Today, Joshua had an excellent day at his pre-school. The teacher said that he was a good listener, he cut out his letters like he was asked and played well with the other kids. And then, this afternoon, his little brother came home and broke into a bucket of white paint... for the 2nd time this week.

Just when you think things are going well...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Worship "Debriefing?" @ Chorus This Week

Wow... It's been a long time since I've done a confessional. I'm not sure if I like the word "confessional". It seems a little more like a debriefing than a confessional... Semantics...

Anyway, Rob, who usually plays keys has been going through our online database and learning all of the songs on guitar. Not just learning them, but learning them note for note. He started with "All we need" and went all the way to "You are so good" (over 30 songs). He really impressed me (and everyone else). All I can say is, we need more guys like Rob in our Churches. It's rare to meet a musician that cares more about the worship experience than his "own creativity". And what an amazing tool Planning Center Online is!

The rest of the band did great too... we're so close to running loops. Almost had it this week thanks to John Alwood.

Great week!

I am free (Newsboys version)
Grace like rain (Agnew)
Freedom (Surreal)
Everything Glorious (Crowder)

A real Worship Confessional

I got this at Terry Storch's blog... thought I'd pass it along...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worship Confessional Links from Youtube