Monday, June 30, 2008

Ragamuffintop Challenge

This ain't nothin' compared to what we did last week, but I want to be faithful to complete what I said I would.

I spent the week in Ensenada with Bajabound Ministries which fed me better than I usually get fed in the states. You're amazing John Rose and Ben Gaines!

Here's where I'm at...

week 1: 179.6
week 2: 175.2
week 3: 169.2
week 4: 172.6
week 5:

The trip would have been worth it even if I had to gain 100lbs!

Ragamuffintop Challenge...


Gretchin said...

That one pound is probably water weight! =)

I re-weighted myself yesterday morning and today and guess what happened???


Can you believe it! I was actually kind of mad because I dont record my weight on those days. I guess I will see what happens come next Saturdays Official weigh-in.

bobby said...'d you get hooked up with John Rose? Was that through Eller?

John was my youth pastor when I got saved in high school. That's all. Glad you had a good time...and good food!

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