Monday, December 31, 2007


O.K., so 2007 was such an incredible year that I thought I'd take some time and write about it. Are you with me?

It all started in the spring of 2006. I was so frustrated with my spiritual life and I couldn't figure out why. I began praying and God spoke to me about the fact that there was no real spiritual leadership in my life. While I had a wonderful accountability partner, there were no real relevant spiritual giants/mentors in my life. So I started asking the question, who do I know that I want to be like. Immediately my old Pastor/Mentor Mickey Stonier from Horizon came to mind.

I gave him a call and he invited me to join a mentoring program he was running at Horizon. So I began making the trek to San Diego every Tuesday night. What a great group of guys. Through my time there I reconnected with the basic spiritual disciplines and heard from God that it was time to look for a new Church.

Through some miraculous conversations with various people, God led us to Chorus Church. And this last year has been incredible.

The year started with a much needed vacation to Puerto Vallarta where my parents were making a stop on their retirement cruise. We stayed with them on their boat and did some amazing site seeing.

When we came back we were welcomed to Chorus Church with open arms and a ton of integrity and respect. Their leadership brought us to tears.

I took a few months to acclamate myself to the Church and the new oversites (Youth and Worship). I experienced an incredible Easter in the Park Service, re-designed our Sunday morning media setup, experienced Summer Youth Camp at Lake Skinner and helped launch our first ever Youth Service on Tuesday nights.

In the middle of all this, I made a trip to Alabama to see my friend Mark Peacock and experience my first Desperation conference (wow!). I also ran my first triathlon made some new friends @ the National Youth Workers Convention in San Diego and was a part of an incredible Christmas Eve Service at the park. Before I knew it, the year was over and we were having our first ever all worship Sunday as a way to reflect on all that God did in 2007.

I'm so excited about 2008. I can't wait to see what God is going to do.

How was your 2007?

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