Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Fa la Frickin' La..."

That's about how I feel this week, but that's not why I titled this post that. "Fa la Frickin' La..." was almost the title of our Christmas mailer this year. We vetoed it because we thought that it might have offended a few people. We used this one instead-->

What do you think? If you received a mailer with the title "Fa la Frickin' La..." and a picture of a mother trying to hold everything together during this crazy season, what would you have thought? Would you have been offended?

What are the criteria that you use when choosing a mailer? Do you even use mailers anymore?


Andy said...

If you were trying to reach a group of people that most other churches were not....then it would be perfect.

I would not be offended. Although we all like to think Christmas is all warm and fuzzy for everyone, the truth is it's not. There are many people who struggle in many different ways over the holidays.

So, do you want to attract the warm and fuzzy people (it IS a larger group), or the 'Fa la frickin' la' people?

Bobby said...

I wouldn't be offended at all personally. Might find it attractive, actually.

I agree that it depends on your audience, and the personality of your church. I think mostly churchy people would be offended, so it depends on how you feel about offending them. Also, if the church is slightly edgy go for it, too. But if it doesn't accurately reflect the personality of the church, it's kinda like false advertising.

We just started doing mailers at our church. And that's one thing I have to think of with ours. Our church is a little less edgy and out there, so while I would want to go that direction, I think we need to find a way to have "cool" flyers with good graphic design without trying to look like something we're not.

Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

I would of laugh my head off because that is probally what most people are feeling this time of year, worship ministry people inclued. Should have gone with it but that's just me. Some times you ruffle a few uptight feathers but those aren't the people you are tryong to reach, right?

alex mclean said...

I love it! But you know me...

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