Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Recording Software

At worship practice tonight we got into the age old discussion about recording software. I just recorded a version of "Away in a manger" in Garage Band on my MacBook Pro. What a cool program! It's pretty straight forward and easy to use. I used to have the full Pro-Tools Rig complete with the Digi 002. It was great. I loved the plugins, but there was so much that went into hooking it up right and even just recording a song. There's something beautiful about being able to open a program on your laptop and start playing/recording.

I've used Kristal, Audacity and a couple of other programs. They're pretty cool tool. I have to say though, Garage Band is great for in home recording.

What are you using?

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Andy said...


I tried audacity first. I liked this better.

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