Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Legoland Rocks... My buddy Alex and I took our families to Legoland yesterday. I've never been there before, but I have to say it was pretty amazing. There was pretty much nobody there. And because there wasn't really a crowd we were able to conquer just about the whole park in one day.

We built Bionicles and Legos, ate pizza and Apple Fries (who would of thought of that combination), we went on some pretty decent roller coasters, including a crazy, spinny thing that Alex got soaked on,
we saw a 4D movie, put out some fires and we even got to see most of America. All of that in one day? You can't beat that!

Oh, wait... maybe you can... we also had someone give each of our families $100 to spend while we were there.

Only in America!


alex mclean said...

thanks for the trip! You guys rock!

Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

Blessings of hanging with friends, how cool.

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