Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yamaha Clickstation

I've been talking about getting our teams on a click for quite a while now. My Christmas Present to the Worship Team this year was the Yamaha Click Station. Last week we used it for the first time and our drummer Josh made a great effort. We didn't really know how to set it up right and or use it in practice, so Sunday morning was a little rough.

After learning more about it this last week I adjusted the settings and let our drummer use a headset tonight. He's a 15 year old kid and this was his first time playing with a click. And you know what...

We had what I will call the 2nd best practice ever. It's amazing what a difference it made. It was a little bit sterile, but I think we'll learn to get through that. Sometimes the band felt like it was just going through the motions, but overall it was nice to have dynamics without speeding up or slowing down.

I can't wait for Sunday!


Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

That's the one we use, come by on a Thursday night and Dave will show you how to set up fifty songs and how to do it all.

Now the rest of the band have to obey his tempo, that's the hard part.

eric beeman said...

Yeah... I had spoken with Kevin about it a long time ago. Been doing some research and found that to be the best one (if you're not running loops).

Already programmed a ton of songs. Read the manual... who would of thought? ;)

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