Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sound Techs

Good sound techs are hard to come by. I can't say that I don't miss working with Alex. He and I had so much in common when it came to vision for modern worship and the overall feel of a Sunday morning service. But I can say that I love the sound techs @ Chorus Church...

Our main sound guy is out of town for the next 10 months and it's so cool to know that there are a few guys (and girl) that are stepping up. Kevin ran the board today. He has been working with the board for about 6 months. He's a good musician and quite technical too. That's a hard combination to find. He ran the board today and you could tell he was a little nervous but he did a great job. Obviously there are some things that we need to work on, but all in all it was a great week. Not only that, I love Kevin just because he's so teachable. That's another quality that's hard to come by in a sound tech.

Why are good sound guys so hard to find anyway? It seems that you always get one extreme or the other when working with sound techs...

1. Completely Technical with absolutely no ear for music.

2. Completely musical with absolutely no technical savvy whatsoever.

Thank God we have a good balance here at Chorus. Andy is more on the technical side with a decent ear for music whereas Kevin is on the musical side with a decent working knowledge of technology. And the beauty of it is that they're both super teachable as are Cindy and Enrique. Thank you Jesus!

Which type do you have?

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Mike Dalton Bass Player said...

You find a person with both, you grab them and not let go, have them train everyone possible and then watch what happens. We have such a great Sound team but what you said Tech or Music-- we do have one guy who has a ton of tech and a lot of music, the sound is getting better and better with him helping and guiding others.

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