Sunday, January 13, 2008

Worship Debriefing/Confessional

<--That's Brandon. He's 15 and he's my hero!

Awesome Sunday!

We used a click track today for the whole service on every song. Brandon, our 15 year old drummer nailed it. We got off a couple of times, but he powered through and a couple of times he even got us back on track. It was amazing.

It was strange. It wasn't the best worship service that I've ever lead, but there was something really cool and exciting about it. I don't know what it was, but the band was amped even though it was a little tough. Maybe it's because they were all really paying attention to each other and trying really hard to lock into the pocket.

What is it about a click track that is so much fun?

Anyway, here's the lowdown...

agtr/vocals: me
drums: Brandon
bass/vocals: Dan
egtr (rhythm): Kevin (Brandon's Dad!)
egtr (lead): Dave (tore it up)

All We Need (Hall)
My Glorious (Delirious? - arranged by Chris Tomlin)
Here in Your Presence (Desperation)
Great is Thy Faithfulness (Dan lead this one on my guitar)
I'm Coming Your Way (Desperation)

You'll notice that we did an older song "My Glorious" (at least to me) and a hymn. Dave rocked "My Glorious". You'll be seeing more of this from us this year.

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