Sunday, October 19, 2008

Worship Confessional

It was a pretty solid week @ Chorus Church if I do say so. The band was tight, the music was great and the Church was totally into it!

Here's what it looked like...


me - agtr/vox
dave - keys/vox
lynette - vox
daniel - egtr
crawford - bass
wes - drums

andy - audio
aj - audio
charlie - audio
bradley - propresenter
paul - lights

Let the praises ring - Brewster
Amazing - Redman
Superman - Five For Fighting
Who am I - Casting Crowns
How Great - Tomlin

Pastor Dave challenged me to do Superman. I wasn't sure about it, but I think it went pretty good. On top of that, I wasn't sure who was going to drum for us until Saturday night. Brandon was out of town & Ross couldn't do it so I called a guy that I played with at Gospelfest and he just happened to be available (thank God!). Thanks Wes!

We did a pretty cool thing this week. It's something that we're going to try and do every week. We had some Elders and Leadership off to the side of the room and we invited people to seek prayer at the end of the service. I'm not sure how well it went, but I'm excited about the idea of it.

Also, we weren't planning on doing "How Great" but I realized at the end of "Who am I" that we still hadn't taken the offering. On the fly I called out the chords to How Great and the band fell right in line. What a great team we have.

How was your week???

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Karl said...

'How Great' never fails. hehe ;)

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