Monday, October 6, 2008

Worship Confessional / Throw Away Services???

We had a great weekend... Nothing special really, just a solid worship service and a pretty solid attendance (2nd service was packed).

Here's what it looked like...

agtr/vox - me
keys/vox - dave
egtr 1 - daniel
egtr 2 - dalton
drums - brandon
bass - kevin

audio - enrique
video - andi
lights - bradley
(aj helped with sound a little too)

All we need (Hall)
Remedy (Crowder)
-SNL "Don't buys stuff" video-
-message 1-
-tithing video-
-message 2-
Enough - C/V1/C/V2/C (Tomlin)
Enough - B/B/C (Tomlin)

I have to say that I think it was one of our best weekends as far as the click track goes. I don't know what the deal was, but Brandon was stinkin' on it! On another note, our first service has a tendancy to be kind of a "workin' out the kinks" kind of service. It almost becomes another practice, but not this week. In fact, I think our first service was actually better than our 2nd as far as the band goes. Especially considering we did 2 new songs...

Great job guys!

How do you keep your first service from becoming a throw away as far as the music goes?


alex mclean said...

a great rehearsal...

oltre logo said...
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Karl said... track.

Jeff T. said...

Our first (and smallest) service is Saturday night. We put a HUGE emphasis on coming out with real intentional energy on stage and making sure we don't draw our energy from the congregation. We also work out the kinks in practice pretty religiously...

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