Monday, July 28, 2008

Ragamuffin Top - Accountability?

Okay... so I'm a little let down by the accountability here on this Ragamuffin Top Challenge. I haven't posted a weigh-in in quite some time and nobody has said a word. In fact, Los hasn't even posted his this week. What's the deal yo?

Anyway, here's my weigh-ins over the last few weeks...

We went to the baseball game 2 weeks ago and had hotdogs & pizza. Here's a picture of my son Joshua with one of his best friends Miles. Needless to say, the hotdogs and pizza didn't help with the weight loss. Somehow I still managed to take off some weight. It must have been all the exercise I got from chasing them around the bounce houses... that's right, bounce houses at a baseball game!

We've also been spending a lot of time at McDonalds now that mom's working again. That doesn't help a whole lot. Although the Southwest Chicken Salad is pretty good, the dessert probably isn't the healthiest thing I could be eating. None the less, I've been watching my portions and continued to exercise as much as I can.

Here is last weeks weigh-in

This week I went up a few pounds because my exercise plan basically went out the window. For some reason I've been awefully busy lately. Maybe I can get back into the routine next week. We're headed for Disneyland on Thursday & Friday to celebrate Joshua's Birthday. Maybe all the walking will help... then again, I can hear the funnel cake calling my name already!

Here's my totals...

week 1: 179.6
week 2: 175.2
week 3: 169.2
week 4: 172.6
week 5: 173.8
week 6: 171.6
week 7: 170.6
week 8: 171.8

Total weight loss: 8lbs

What about you?


Carlos said...

got busy yo.
Will be back this week.

eric beeman said...

Just keeping it real... Can't wait to hear your stories about the marathon!

Karl said...

What about me?

My weightloss is +10 I think. hehe

Toby and Ria said...

I was actually feeling guilty earlier this week because I was wondering the same thing about "accountability". Then, I thought, as I questioned why no one had asked me about my weight, I hadn't checked in with anyone either. I'm definitely going to do better in that area!
In this challenge, we'll all have ups and downs. I had a down week also, but continue to live and learn. Best of luck to you in the coming week!

Dandelion Seeds said...

I went to everybody's the first week, but let's face it... there were over 70 and it took me FOREVER... I'm a mom of seven so I'm lucky to even be in the challenge...

I hope you'll continue on and cut Los a break... it was a great idea he had, but very time consuming!

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