Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy Week!!!

Talk about Creative Chaos! What a crazy week I've had. One of the busiest in a while, but at the same time I'm somewhat proud of all that God has allowed me to accomplish considering I'm not a videographer or graphic designer. Here's what it looked like...

Surf with the High Schoolers
Lead Staff Meeting (Pastor Dave's out of town)
Lead Worship @ Youth Group
Finish Scratch Trax on upcoming album (I'm excited about this one)
Meet with One Voice team
Plan and execute Worship Rehearsal
Plan "Break Free" (H.S./J.H. Summer Camp)
Beach Day/Bonfire with the High Schoolers
Create Bumper Video for sermon

Create Slides for sermon

Create Recap video for Kids Camp

Create Promo video for "Break Free"

Create Flyers for "Break Free"

Not to mention that I have some extended family at my house this week (but they're probably more help than hindrance!).

Life is busy... but life is good. And now we're off to the Storm Game with the family and one of Joshua's best friends... Miles

Keep me in your prayers!

Oh yeah, anyone know a good graphic designer that I could use?

1 comment:

alex mclean said...

Wow Eric, you continue to impress me! Good stuff and thank you for making time to meet for ONE VOICE. I'm stoked to have such a good friend on board!

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