Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My quest for DESPERATION!!!

I wanted to upload a video blog, but I'm on the Church of the Highlands wifi and they've blocked Youtube, so I'll give you a brief recap of my quest for Desperation over the last 2 days.

Well, I'm finally here in Birmingham Alabama. I flew out of Burbank airport (supposedly the airport of the stars) yesterday morning @ 9:15am (didn't see any stars!) I arrived in Dallas Fort Worth at 2:00pm (their time) for a 3 hour layover. Had a great lunch @ Dickey's BBQ and then found out that my flight had been delayed from 5:20pm to 6:30pm... oh wait, make that 7:30... no, make that 8:30pm... no actually try 6:30... AM... this morning!!!


Well, not wanting to spend the night in the airport, I proceeded to get on a standby list for another flight that left @ 9:30pm. The only problem was that I was #23 on the list...! I heard another young lady state that she was just going to fly to Atlanta and drive to Birmingham. What a great idea I thought, considering that I was going to try and hit up North Point this weekend anyway.

Well, that's exactly what I did and I finally made it to my good friend Mark Peacock's house at 4:00am this morning (Central time). We had a brief hour long conversation and then hit the hay. We needed to at least get a little sleep because we had to be here @ COTH (Church of the Highlands) by 10:00am for staff meeting. Not too big of a sacrifice considering that I get to hang out here in their brand new state of the art facility. I also got to meet the wonderful staff @ COTH along with some of the Desperation Staff.

Desperation starts tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. Check back soon for more details on my "Quest for Desperation".

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