Wednesday, August 1, 2007

COTH (Church of the Highlands) Staff Meeting this morning...

Here are some notes from todays staff meeting @ Church of the Highlands.

Chris Hodges is the Lead Pastor @ Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. Here's some of what he had to say to his staff today.

"Success is measured by how many people are fulfilling the Great Comission (i.e. serving in the Church and the community)."

"It's not just about salvation."

We're not selling fire insurance, we're building the kingom! (that was my thought)

Team Building is the key...

"Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen."

5 Great team building tenants:
Have integrity in modeling the way
Communicate the vision clearly and consistently
Allow them to challenge the process
Let Leaders Lead (the vision is non-negotiable, the way we get there is always negotiable)
Create an atmosphere of encouragement

How we make teams happen:

1. Know and appreciate strengths and weaknesses
2. Openly engage in constructive, ideological conflict (OUCH!)
3. Set goals together
4. Commit to group decisions
5. Over communicate what happens in meetings with others

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