Friday, August 3, 2007

My new hero!

We just finished an incredible session @ Desperation lead by Pastor Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands). He challenged the Youth to stop playing games with Christianity and do something extreme for Christ. Extreme Prayer, Extreme Purity, Extreme Passion with an Extreme Purpose. Jesus never did anything moderately, why should we? It’s only this radical life in Christ that will rescue this next generation from death to life!

I think what made this message so powerful was what I've experienced over the last few days @ Church of the Highlands (not necessarily Desperation). I'm realizing that he's not just sharing a "great message", he's living it, and so are the people in his Church! I want that kind of life in Christ. I'm tired of playing the games and being a "Good Christian". I'm tired of trying to convince people that Christians aren't weird... we are! I'm tired of making excuses for the Church. I'm ready to be a "Radical Christian" again! I'm ready to change the world, one day, one person at a time... starting with me!

Now if I can just keep that fire when I leave this place... ;)

Seriously though, read John 2:13-17 and tell me that's not Extreme!!!

What about you? Are you ready to be a revolutionary?

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Alex McLean said...

So Mark wasn't just blowin smoke eh? Pretty amazing how God works... By the way, thanks for leaving a comment on our Priceless blog - you rock!

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