Sunday, August 3, 2008


Louie Giglio has had quite the influence on my spiritual life since the late 90s when he started 722. I used to watch him every Tuesday night. It's hard to argue with what God has done through the ministry of 722 and Passion. And it's hard to imagine him Pastoring a Church that doesn't take off like wildfire. That's why it's no real surprise that there's been so much controversy over the fact that he's planting a Church in Atlanta.

Unity has long been my prayer for the Body of Christ here in the Temecula Valley. It's cool to see a great example of it happening in Atlanta. I wish all Churches were as supportive of new plants as Andy and North Point are of Passion Church. Check it out here...

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thoseguys@tlf said...

Giglio Rocks!
So cool to see him back pastoring another generation of people to a lifelong committed relationship with Christ!

Erock, check out

starting to work bro...Tuesday nights at Its A Grind if you can make buddy!

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