Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unity #4 - Gospel Fest '08

Wow... we just finished a pretty cool night of worship called One Voice and wouldn't you know it, here comes another one.

Through One Voice I re-connected with Gwyn Sanborn who invited me to audition for Gospel Fest '08. Trusting only in my relationship to Gwynn (kind of sort of my cousin I guess) and not really knowing what Gospel Fest was all about, I headed down to the Old Town Theatre for the audition. To my surprise it was an extremely professional audition process. In fact, the further I get into this Gospel Fest '08 thing the more I'm realizing that it's probably the coolest thing I've seen hit the Temecula Valley Christian Music Scene since I've been here (since '02).

Not only is it going to be a cool night of worship, but it's a full on Worship Conference right here in our very own backyard. I'm not sure how many of your churches know anything about it, but if they don't, send them over to the Gospel Fest '08 website. It's something they should take their whole worship team to...

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