Sunday, May 18, 2008

Countryman Issues

Pastor Dave has been having trouble with his countryman microphone moving around on his face. It bothered him so much today that he actually took it off and used a wired SM58.

Have any of you had issues with this?

What are some quick and easy solutions?


Vince said...

I find it best to have a someone put the countryman on for you. otherwise you are just feeling around back there. Suck up the pride and let someone help.

bobby said...

Hmm. Didn't have that problem at church.

However, we did use Countryman's at Disney in shows, and used em for productions at Revolution. For those we would use that clear athletic tape. Just a small piece on the back of the neck might be enough to keep it from tugging from the back. You could also use a small square on the cheek to hold it in place if you wanna.

I used to use it everyday at Disney, and it started to leave a brutal raw spot on the back of my neck. i think you'd be fine for an hour or two once a week though.

eric beeman said...

Yeah... thanks Bobby, we used that clear tape at the National Youth Workers Convention. I've suggested it...

Maybe we'll try it this week.

I've put it on for him in the past Vince and it seemed to work. I think we just need to get into a routine.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Tone Guru said...

On a related sidenote, if you ever lose the little filter at the end, please, please, please, replace it. Don't make one up using foam and a rubber band. That only makes it look like you have a huge zit on your face. Not good.

eric beeman said...

Tone Guru!!! Where have you been? You've been off line for so long I took you off of my blog role!

Thanks for the advice. We actually used the tape this week and it helped. We just need to get into a routine.

Funny you mention it, we did lose the foam screen. We just go without it and it seems to be okay as long as we don't get it too close to his mouth.

Good to have you back... just read your 7 minute sound check post. Love it!

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