Friday, April 18, 2008

Worship Confessional, Super Late

We're doing a series called "The Love Revolution". Each week we're doing a different classic rock tune. 2 weeks ago we did Michael Bolton's version of "When a man loves a woman" (see video below). Last week we did the Cheap Trick song "I want you to want me".

I have to say that "I want you to want me" was a little trickier than "When a man loves a woman". Our drummer had to learn cut-time and I had to sing a couple of verses pretty quickly. We pulled it off, but I don't think anyone was mistaking us for "Cheap Trick".

I personally thought it was one of the roughest Sunday's that we've had in a long time, however one of our Elders told his son that he thought it was some of the best worship that we've ever had at the Church. And it doesn't hurt to know that he was a music major in college! Just goes to show you that worship really is in the eye of the Beholder... ;) I believe that's because we were all praying like crazy..., "God, please help us pull this off!"

Here was the set...

All we need
I am free
I want you to want me

Oh yeah... when we came up to do Rescue my electric guitar just so happened to be out of tune... both services!

Do you ever have weeks like that?

What song do you think we'll do this weekend?

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