Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When a man loves a woman!

We launched our new series this week titled "Love Revolution". We're focusing on Godly relationships and to kick it off, we did this version of "When a man loves a woman" only about 3 keys lower... ;)

I had Brian from Morningstar come in and look at our sound system. Surprisingly enough, he took one look at it and said, "I don't think I would do anything different". As we looked closer at the compression, he suggested we move it from Vocals Only to the whole system... Needless to say, it made a huge difference! Thanks Brian.

On top of all that, the school let us mount some backlighting on the stage over Easter Break. What a huge difference that made.

We left the High Schoolers in the service since Pastor Dave was talking about love, dating & sex. Dave unloaded and he looked so comfortable. I think it was possibly the best message I've ever heard him preach... Except for the fact that he went 45 minutes (usually 35 minutes)! Check it out...

We got so many comments on the stage, music and message this week that I think it might even have been better than Easter Sunday!

God is moving in the French Valley!

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