Thursday, October 25, 2007

So-Cal Fires

Please pray for my friend and mentor Larry Klein and his students in Jamul. He sent me this email today.

"If you have seen any of the news most of my school district has burned... Most of these people are currently being housed at Steele Canyon High School... A couple of teachers live out there and we are not sure if their houses are still standing. Probably will not know until the weekend when the fire fighters can get back into the area to assess the damage.
Last night on the news they interviewed a number of students at the Steele Canyon Evacuation center. It really hit me when I was able to put faces with the stories. Many of the Hispanic students that live down in Barrett Lake area have lost everything... I sat in my living room listening to a couple of my students telling about losing everything. That is when I basically lost it. Please pray for me. I need to have the strength to be a light and find ways to help my students. This is not going to be an easy task for any of us."

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