Saturday, October 20, 2007

New music...

O.K. I discovered two new bands that I didn't really know anything about (what can I say, I've been out of Youth Ministry for almost 10 years), but they totally killed it yesterday and quickly became my new favorite bands... Family Force 5 (Chistian, 80's, Screamo, Punk-Rock) and Flatfoot 56 (Modern Irish Rock complete with bagpipes, kilts and Irish accents).

Check them out!


Vince said...

they were sick

what's it take to make your blogroll?

Jeff Greathouse said...

FF5 rocks !

i came across them about a year ago and have seen them about 6 times. I am not a huge fan of cranking out the CD .. but in live .. great show

Terry Foester said...

dude, i'll check them out.
nice trading resources with you.
so cool that you have a pic. with your tele and a capo on it.
i play a tele too.
i'll be back for more.

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