Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vision 2009

We had an incredible Sunday... our Vision '09 Sunday. Check out the message here.

So I spent the week working on this video. Hours and hours of going over interviews and various footage. I finally got it down to 8 minutes... and then I sent it to Daniel who shot some of the footage. He spent about 10 minutes on it and got it down to 5 minutes and created some killer transitions, intros and added some amazing music. Here it is. Check out what God did @ Chorus in '08.


Andi - Pro Presenter
Crawford - Lights
Gordon - Lights
Enrique - Audio
AJ - Audio


me - agtr/vox
Dave - keys/vox
Daniel - egtr
Dan - bass
Ross - drums


King of Majesty - United
Marvelous Light - Hall
All Because of Jesus - Fee
God of this City - Tomlin
God of this City - Tomlin

The band nailed it today!!!

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