Monday, December 1, 2008

No Practice Sunday

Well happy belated Thanksgiving...

Because we usually practice on Thursday nights and it was a holiday weekend we decided to go without practice this week. We're in an Elementary School so we setup and tear-down every weekend but because it was a holiday week, the school let us leave our stuff setup this week. So we actually got an extended sound check on Sunday morning.

I have to say that whenever we do that, it's always a little rougher than usual. I really don't like doing it, however sometimes I find that I worship a little more because I'm not as worried about what the band is doing... ie, did they work on their parts, are they hitting that fill, here comes a transition, are they going to nail it?

In other words, when I'm not worrying about the music, my mind is free to focus on worshiping.

I guess the key is to just not worry about the music... ever! ;)

What are you thoughts on that one? I know that there are a lot of Churches/Worship Leaders that just have their teams show up on Sundays and their sound check is their practice. What about you. When do you practice? Do you notice a difference when you don't practice (duh)? Which do you prefer?

Here was our setup...


Audio - Charlie
Audio 2 - Paul
ProPresenter - Jessi
Lights - Crawford


me - agtr/vox
Lynette - vox
AJ - egtr
Kevin - bass
Ross - drums

Rob was supposed to play keys, but he wasn't able to make it. We're praying for you Rob!


Awesome is the Lord - Tomlin
All we need - Hall
You are so good - Third Day
Thank You for hearing me - Crowder
My Jesus I Love Thee (I asked Lynette to sing this at the last moment and she nailed it)

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Karl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

I know for me, it can sometimes be more freeing worship-wise, if we're well-practiced. It's almost like we put in the work part of worship early, so that we can just worship during the performance part. Worshiping is important, but so is leading people. Like, as you always say, one foot in the heavenlies and one in the worldlies.

And, of course, I really like it when it sounds good. ;)

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