Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worshp Confessional

Crazy weekend... Both Dave and I have the crud that's going around. I've been to the doctor twice now. The first time he gave me an anti-biotic that seemed to work and just about got rid of it, but then it came back stronger than ever. I went back yesterday and he gave me two doses of it. Hopefully it goes away now.

So I led worship this weekend, crud and all. Funny thing is that I seemed to get a few more compliments than usual this weekend. What does that mean? Do I sound better when I'm sick? Do I try harder when I'm sick? Do I care more when I'm sick? Or is it just a coincidence? If you were there, I'd love to hear which you think it is. ;)

For some reason this week we had a hard time finding a bass player. Kevin was scheduled to run sound so he wasn't supposed to play, but 4 others (that's right, 4 others) couldn't make it so he ended up doing it. Like he said, God must have really wanted him to play this weekend. Thanks to Charlie for going solo on the sound board for the first time. I got quite a few comments about how good it sounded!

Here's what it looked like...

Me - agtr/vox
Lynette - vox
Ross - drums
Kevin - bass
Daniel - egtr
Dave - keys

Charlie - sound (first time running solo!)
Jess - Pro-Presenter (Andi got sick too!)
Crawford - lights
Bradley/Andi - service directors??? (I like it, I like it!!!)

Let the praises ring (Brewster)
All we need (Hall)
All we need (reprise)
Revelation (Third Day)
-debt video- (very funny)
From the inside out
From the inside out
Let the praises ring

This was our first time doing "Revelation". I had trouble dialing in the bridge vocally so we just scrapped it and did the chorus an extra time. I almost scrapped the whole thing because of it, but the band talked me into doing it and I'm glad they did. I got a few comments on how much people loved that one. You can hear a short clip of it at the beginning of the podcast here.

Inside out was a tough one for me this week. I probably should have dropped it a key or two since my voice was going. I actually dropped out of it during the last part of the second service.

Does this ever happen to you? I'm struggling to make it through Inside out and I look out in the congregation. I see my wife talking to her friend and giggling. I look over and see another couple giggling as well and naturally assume that they're laughing at me because I'm struggling so much on the song. So what else is there to do but just shut it down... so I did.

Afterward I ask her about it and turns out they were giggling about something completely different. In fact, she said it sounded okay. She was wondering why I stopped singing.

Why do we always think it's about us??? And why is my wife talking during the worship service??? ;)

How was your week?


Karl said...

I just listened to the beginning of your podcast....your voice takes on a totally different quality when you're sick! It still sounded really good; not better or worse, just completely different. I almost thought it wasn't you.

And your drummer sounds solid.

I hear you on the talking during worship deal. I had to have a little discussion with one of our pastors the other day about the same thing. I just told him, 'Hey, I know my guitar tone is really good, and it's hard not to talk about it, but would you mind discussing it after the service?'

hehe See I have the problem of thinking it's all about me, as well.....but in a much more pridefu way. ;)

Chris said...


I've never heard a bad Eric Beeman song! I don't think it exists. Anyway, just remember, you're there for the lord. Who cares what your wife does! LOL...

Staci said...

I thought your voice sounded sexy, in a of "raspy, rock-star kinda- way!" hehehe, can I say that on here? HA! And I heard from someone else, that they were going to ask you for your autograph! ; )

eric beeman said...

Sexy, huh? Just wait until you hear the track we just recorded for "put it on the line"... If you like raspy, you'll love this one!

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