Sunday, July 15, 2007

Worship Confessional # 5

Notice the droopy eyes and slurred speech... no I'm not on drugs, just been hanging with high schoolers for 3 days... ;)


Christopher said...

Dude, way tired! LOL.

Yeah, this week's message was "What's God Looking for?" So...The guys busted out some U2! We had DJ from Tides lead and he nailed it! Of course, Karl nailed the guitar portion and back-up VOX. Wouldn't expect anything less from Karl on a U2 song! The rest of the band, Rich and Tim, nailed it as well.

So I guess the answer to your question is, they collaborated with Pastor John. LOL

Alex said...

We're workin on it as usual! I am going to give John a CD of a bunch of new worship stuff, Hillsong United, Desperation, Tomlin, Passion, Steve Fee - just so maybe he can hear and allow it to grow on him and spark ideas.

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