Monday, July 2, 2007


Hey all of you guitar players, just curious, what type of gear you're playing? Notice to the left a shot of my friends board (can you say vintage?). In the column to my right I've posted a couple of photos of my gear...

Here's the list:

American made '93 Tele
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Boss Tuner
Boss DD20 Delay
Modified Boss SD-1 Super Distortion pedal... My friend modified it with a Tubescreamer chip. Thanks Karl!

I also play a 1956 Gibson LG-1 (see bottom of page). Got it for $400 on ebay. Best purchase I've ever made!!!

What about you? Post photos if you have 'em (and if you know how). ;)


The Tone Guru said...

Eric, you should check out The Worship Community. There's a good section on gear.

eric beeman said...

Thanks... not a whole lot on gear there, but a couple of cool blogs.

I'm more interested in what you're playing, seeing as how you are the "TONE GURU". ;)

Vince said...

Electric Guitars - Gary Jacobs | Avanti, Hamer | Studio

Acoustic - Mossman | Tennessee Flatpicker, A&L

Bass - Musicman | Stingray 5

Amps - Saint | Church Mouse (, Peavey Classic 50

Worship Confessional Links from Youtube