Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Worship "Debriefing?" @ Chorus This Week

Wow... It's been a long time since I've done a confessional. I'm not sure if I like the word "confessional". It seems a little more like a debriefing than a confessional... Semantics...

Anyway, Rob, who usually plays keys has been going through our online database and learning all of the songs on guitar. Not just learning them, but learning them note for note. He started with "All we need" and went all the way to "You are so good" (over 30 songs). He really impressed me (and everyone else). All I can say is, we need more guys like Rob in our Churches. It's rare to meet a musician that cares more about the worship experience than his "own creativity". And what an amazing tool Planning Center Online is!

The rest of the band did great too... we're so close to running loops. Almost had it this week thanks to John Alwood.

Great week!

I am free (Newsboys version)
Grace like rain (Agnew)
Freedom (Surreal)
Everything Glorious (Crowder)

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