Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's your practice/rehearsal look like?

Ahhh... practice nights. We had a pretty killer one Thursday night. My favorite parts were the before and after.

Here's what ours usually looks like; what about you?

Fresh Bread (what's God doing in your life)

I like to have routines so that everyone (including myself) knows what to expect. I like it even more when the routine is broken.

Thursday night everyone hung out until the wee hours of the night after practice (not routine). I love it when that happens! I think that's more important than getting the right breaks or guitar riffs in. We're really starting to connect and that's invaluable. I LOVE OUR NEW CHURCH!!!

What about you, what's you're favorite part of practice?


Vince said...

Hey bro...great stuff...i'll link you up at

Alex said...

well, we just changed it to 6:00pm so that we could actually start rehearsing at 7:00pm! We don't have a normal schedule, but we included the following every week:

- set up
- prayer
- vision (why are we doing this, and why are we doing this this way)
- learning (how to play/sing better together)
- listening (to songs)
- working on vocals/harmonizing
- actual rehearsing
- tear down

we try very hard to be done by 9:00pm (I like to put Miles to bed!)

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